Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is a growing industry around the world and the demand for advanced and more specialized procedures has led to unsurpassed breakthroughs in all areas of the plastic surgery field. As our population ages, it is now recognized that taking pride in one’s personal appearance leads to greater psychological well being and overall better health. Every day, people of all ages and walks of life choose to have facial plastic surgery for various reasons. While some desire cosmetic procedures to change the appearance of features they are unhappy with, for others plastic surgery may address corrective issues including scarring caused by injuries or burns, bletharoplasty to correct obscured vision caused by eyelid sagging, straightening a crooked or dysfunctional nose, flattening prominent ears, or reconstructing a breast after cancer.

At The Virginia Institute of Surgical Arts, Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen (Dr. V) is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon that performs the complete spectrum of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Facial plastic surgeons specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to correct and improve the appearance and function of structures in the face, head, and neck. Dr. V is board-certified in otolaryngology and she uses the most current and advanced methods available to perform cosmetic procedures. Using her cosmetic surgical expertise and advanced technological techniques, Dr. V will help you achieve results that are rejuvenating, refreshed, and aesthetically pleasing. Choosing a well-qualified, experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. V will ensure that any cosmetic procedure you have will be performed safely and result in a natural-looking appearance: not a plastic or “too tight” look. Facial plastic surgery and other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, such as laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and injectables can not only help you look better, they can help you feel better as well.

Reconstructive surgery differs from cosmetic surgery, which is performed to change the appearance of a normal feature. Dr. V performs reconstructive surgery to improve the function or appearance of a part of the body that is abnormal due to either a congenital deformity (birth defect) or developmental deformities that are a result of injury, infection, disease, or surgery. Reconstructive surgery can help all ages from a child with a cleft lip to an adult needing reconstructive surgery after cancer. Skin cancer is unfortunately a growing disease, with over one million new cases reported each year and while it can be fatal, if detected early it can be treated effectively. After skin cancer is removed however, it can leave unsightly scars and fortunately they can be repaired through skin cancer reconstructive surgery. Dr. V understands that any cosmetic surgery to repair your features to their original state can be frightening and she has a well-earned reputation for providing a compassionate, gentle touch.

At The Virginia Institute of Surgical Arts, we also believe in educating our patients and we will always give you plenty of time to ask questions and voice your concerns. Dr. V is proud to offer an extensive range of facial plastic surgery procedures, be it medical or cosmetic, and she will help you improve your quality of life by refining your appearance and improving your self-image. Truly an expert when it comes to your face, head, and neck, Dr. V’s goal is not to make you look different: her commitment is to recommend natural and subtle cosmetic procedures to enhance rather than change your appearance. Please call The Virginia Institute of Surgical Arts today and we look forward to hearing from you.